AGE International

Project Management

When we create projects, we are actually engaging with ideas, even dreams. Initiators of different projects come from various backgrounds, and usually possess profound knowledge and abilities in their respective professions.

However, in order to successfully implement an idea, additional skills and competence are needed. Small projects – and micro-projects in particular – lack the institutional power and infrastructures needed to manage a project according to the demands of a market-oriented environment and the demanding world of modern sponsors and donors.

But bigger corporations too, sometimes need external support to reach precisely their goals.

We offer services for different frameworks and contents:


You are in need for an external team within a limited period? We offer solutions, tailor made according to your needs by supplying following services:


Many associations are based on voluntary activity. With enthusiasm valuable and great work is done.  But often there are limits to the time frame of volunteers and sometimes there is simple lack of professional knowledge in an environment demanding more and more in regard of defined financial support, administrative and legal rules and challenges in marketing and planning.

We offer following services:

Arts & Culture

Visual and performing arts, the cultural scene, is characterized by many independent self-employed. They are what they can do at best: artists. But in realization of a project and to have success there is need in enormous administrative efforts and often lot of bureaucracy. The professional knowledge hereof is missing or processing these requirements is simply too much of a burden.

Are you active in music, painting, photography, film, composition or other sectors in arts?

We offer for you following services: