AGE International

The story

It so happened at the beginning of the 21st century that a new company got established. Not that there weren’t many companies and businesses in this world. But it should be something truly independent, based on the experience and expertise of the founder.

And it’s not easy. Wait, don’t think about the difficulties of starting a business. Where there is an intention, there is always a possibility. The problems are sometimes quite trivial, for example in finding a name.

How do you name a company that wants from the start to bundle a wide variety of different activities under one roof, as if it were a large, grown-up holding company from birth? A company whose core competence is in services, covering both customers and service providers, clients and suppliers across the world? And this in the new age of a new millennium in modernity? Well, this is by all means a kind of an international matter.

It was obvious to steer this internationality from Berlin. From its history, the German capital embodies a dynamic that the art critic Scheffler aptly described in 1910 as “always to become and never to be”. And that’s how AGE sees it: always on the move, ready for new things, adapting to changes and thus also freely according to Confucius, “the journey is the goal”, flexible development is the basis for success.

Now our company has already come a long way. But the curiosity about future possibilities is still strong, the openness to get involved in new things lively as a new born. Take part, become part of our story. We look forward to every new client and idea that we can assist and help to achieve success.

And if you think you know what “AGE” stands for: Send us an email with your solution to this question. If you solve the puzzle, we will send you a little surprise by postal mail. Simply use our contact form for this.

However: This little game would of course be far too easy for our already existing clients and cooperation partners, for all contacts who are already close to us. With all of them we are already in a different, bigger play we invite you to join: achieving difficult goals together.