AGE International


Consulting means an infinite range of possible actions. Our clients profit from a content-related assessment of their projects and activities, including a realistic evaluation of their prospects for success.

Intercultural challenges

Our times are characterized by high mobility, exchange and cooperation, crossing lingual and cultural borders. The global convergence in joint, goal-oriented work seems easier than ever with the help of modern communication technologies.

But time and again a point is reached where it is not clear, why a process comes to a standstill, why the obviously so understandable still does not proceed without problems.

Behind these hidden problems, there are often intercultural differences. These are not negative in themselves and can often even contribute to the success of a joint work. But they have to be recognized and productively integrated in a project process or in the team collective.

We have many years of experience and competence in dealing with intercultural challenges. We are happy to provide you with our knowledge and skills as a contribution to solving your problems.

International activities

What works well at home sometimes needs special attention in order to be successful abroad.

With our long experience and specialist knowledge in dealing with international activities, communication with contacts in other countries and continents, we are happy to help you to achieve your goals.


The team of AGE International has decades of professional experience in the tourism industry, generating and implementing travel activities.

We provide advice in destination marketing and development, product design in the hotel industry, hospitality and tours, and the realization of certain source markets. Contact us for an initial meeting in support of your tourism objectives.